Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 21, 2017

The Old Man’s Lament~by Neil Perry



The Old Man’s Lament

Now that I’m old and feeble
And wandering in a trance,
I can’t remember when it was
I used to be able to dance,

But now my looks are fading
By time’s cruel hand,
And time is moving faster now
Too fast to understand,

Just what it was I wanted
I often wonder what,
Since time has turned my hopes to sand
I’ve clearly quite forgot,

My hair and teeth are fallen,
My eyes are sunken in,
I look into the mirror
To view my wasting skin,

My love life’s a disaster –
I can’t remember what
I used to do before I did,
Now that’s all gone too pot,

I’m rattling like a rattle
With pills I have to take,
The doctor says it does me good,
But no more beer or cake

Or anything that I enjoy
It has to do me good,
But nothing ever seems to help
To get me in the mood.


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