Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 21, 2017

WANNA BURN MY BONE ****( TWENTY FOUR****~by Bipul Kalita



****( TWENTY FOUR****

I’ve heard with bitter tastes
you’re treading on broken hearts
you’re squeezing their free smiles
snatching hands of creative minds

You pawed to block me
so that black windows can be opened
so that sharp eyes always remain closed
paving your endless paths of black magics

I remember
how friends bloomed
to dance in our green past
to enhance flowery tips and lips
for bringing lights to gloomy corners
where darkness breeds unseen sinners

I rang the bell
to awaken them from their sleep
to open closed doors for free air
while all whistling birds hopped
around with never ending joy

Now birds are ceasing to sing
on the roof of the darkening house
on the holiday hours’ top branches
in fear of being hunted by foes of love

Sighs of my friends
smashed me to lie on sick bed
smashed me to die for tears they shed

I’ll step forward for friends
I’ll blow horns to challenge foes
inducing doves to open their wings
broadening peace lovers’ faith in them

( to cont.)

copyright reserved @bipul kalita 21/04/2016


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