Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 22, 2017

My Own Route~by Karen King



My Own Route

I ran on,
Out of breath,
But my legs were strong.
I took big strides,
Passing beautiful bluebells,
Gorgeous gorse and
Jostling joggers.

The joggers pounded up the path,
Conquering the hill
In easy strides
As I laboured downhill,
My breath rasping,
My chest heaving,
My legs screaming.

They smiled and said, “hello”
As if it were no effort to them
And they were gently
Striding up a slope
On a Summer’s day.

Those jogging together
Went in single file
As we jiggled and jostled
Around tree roots.
They told me
I was on the wrong path
As they raced on,
Yet they were on the wrong route.

They were like sheep,
Following each other,
But stampeding like bulls,
As they hurled themselves
Up the hill,
Thinking only of
Their final destination.
I traipsed on as I followed
My own route.

Some of us follow the crowd
And some are individuals.
I may take longer,
But I will see
The world around me
As each step is conquered
As I follow my challenge.
My path may go the opposite way
From the norm,
But it is the right direction for me.

We all have our own paths to follow
And our own crossroads
In which to make a choice.
We all need to follow
Our own routes,
Even if it means
Standing out from the crowd,
For our souls will always show the way.

Karen King Copyright © 22 April 2017


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