Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 22, 2017





My soul looking for that connection,
The connection of heart and soul,
I wish to feel your presence and essence,
You are omnipresent,
I don’t doubt your existence,
I know you have your limitations,
Showering your love and affection,
Touching every heart and soul,
I am aware of your intentions,
So many souls looking up for that connection,
My heart longing for that undivided affection,
Blame the eyes that can’t see the connection,
When l stumble and look for direction,
When l Seem to loose that connection,
I feel l can’t reach you,
Cause there seems to be no reaction,
My pain becomes my infliction,
Amidst all such tension and apprehension,
My soul is somewhere scared of rejection,
Groping in darkness looking for right direction,
Thinking l am heading in some wrong direction,
Searching desperately for that piece of connection,
You suddenly appear, make your presence felt,
A sense of connection, a feeling of protection,
A thread , unseen , unknown dangling from within,
A positive reaction,
That changes my perception,
My soul is now on the path of resurrection,
I wish to get rid of all my imperfections,
Your mere presence offers me completion,
Soul to soul conversation,
I Sense your presence in my own reflection,
I let my soul surrender in that direction,
I follow my heart without a question,
I know the bond is special,
My love for you is my becoming my fascination,
Its my truest devotion,
The more l feel closer to you, the more I hope for affection,
My desire for more attention becomes my addiction,
The voice that l hear from within getting synchronised,
When l get hold of that divine connection,
I feel the power of peace within,
Words of comfort from within silence my soul,
What might seem an illusion of love and affection,
Is actually a powerful connection,
It’s not my obsession, It’s my conviction,
Its a clear reception,
My compositions becoming the bridge,
Not just mere imaginations,
They are a recollection of emotions and feelings,
Filling the gaps,
Leaving a definite impression,
To recreate that heavenly connection,
My way to make that trust worthy connection,
I trust My words that are leading me towards the right direction,
They succeed in making that spiritual
My soul enthralled to make that strong, everlasting connection.



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