Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 23, 2017

Daily missive breaks into the weekend Sunday the 23rd of April.~ A life misspent.~by Peter Forster



Daily missive breaks into the weekend Sunday the 23rd of April.
A life misspent.

Hold that tongue
It is as slippery as a fish
Watch that mouth
Before it bites your finger
Sharp as a knife
Cut it out before it cuts you
There will never be too much lip
To satisfy me.
Listen to it for free
Before the cost of jive talk rises
And I run out of disguises
Meanings and surprises.
Pluck out mine eye
Blind me
Before the sights I want to see
Have been fashioned
In a way I would
Rather not remember.
Take back your words
Return them to sender
Never say a thing
You would not want repeated
When you have gone.
It might not be long
Before the time of re-acquaintance
With the cost of acquisitions
And the debts
We owe our neighbours have matured.
The tally man is coming
Through the door
He pays no heed to words
Sees no kindness
In retrospection
His business is collection
And gives both barrels.
Sweeps you off your feet
He can be charming
Has a Master’s degree
In divine retribution
A Doctorate in self-harming
Wrote the book on false accounting
Witnessed every deed
He has our number
See the lightning hear the thunder
The day of judgement come
We are going under.


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