Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 23, 2017

Golden Sandcastles~by Karen King



Golden Sandcastles

She lay on the beach,
Watching seagulls glide overhead.
It was a warm day in paradise.
Her Son was looking at jellyfish.
They were blessed,
This was a once-yearly phenomenon
To Trebaddour beach.
They only visited for a few days.
She sat up and watched
The peaceful beach.
She looked at the seashells
And at the golden sand,
Glinting in the sunshine.
It was so warm and bright.
She thought she would take
A macro photo.
She edged closer and
Reached out
And touched smoothness
And coolness.
Intrigued, she dug,
Deeper and deeper.
Gold was revealed.
Furtively, she looked around.
No one was watching…

Eventually, a gold ingot was revealed.
She smiled, serenely to herself.
She would not have to wait
For her investment returns.
She could buy her house now,
While others buried their dreams
In dust and old bones,
Despite the skeleton crew
Setting up the foundations,
Her dream was quickly becoming true.
She would be building golden sandcastles
On the golden land
In the golden sunshine
With the help of her Son;
Sooner rather than later.

Karen King Copyright 23 April 2017


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