Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 23, 2017

I look older somehow~by Glinjo Glinjo



I look older somehow

I look older somehow
Wrinkles and sagging skin
I feel wiser now
Funny how it all sinks in
After years of trying to be this or feel that
Be correct and professional when I speak
Thorough all of that I became me

Wrinkled and wiser -aged in waves -like the oceans waves on hot summer days
Never regretting now those silly younger times
They were some steps that had to be climbed
and there were falls too
But they brought me here to this moment-this time with you
To say now is the moment -now is the time
We’ve gone alone for such a long time

Through problems and issues but what they really were -tribulations and crown partaking as we rise to die no more
As you reach for something yet unsure to you in your mind
But your soul always knew to bow to The Creator Of Time

The wonder that we are not able to comprehend and yet he created us made a thought become true do you know anyone who could do that? Do you?

And now how can I sit in judgement or raise a hand to a man made just like me
Same lungs- same heart -same eyes that see
I’d have no clue if I were to do that cause as far as I can see

We’re down here together Yes you and her and me
Can we get smart don’t take from Moses to now to think it through
How much time could be left -might be worth a thought or two

All of us together what kind of genius couldn’t see- that if we bow together give respect right now on bended knee
We might make it one day to see our loved ones -old and new

It’s time -I am bowing
Hope I don’t see you up on your feet
To God give the glory-soon time to do the meet and greet
I sure will be going- you want in too? Reserve your seat


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