Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 23, 2017

Peace unto thee~by Tukur Loba Ridwan



Peace unto thee

peace be unto thee;
not the peace that melts in the burning mouths
of war-mongers
who hoard peace in their crafty hands…

Life is a jungle not at ease:
lion’s roar and fear calls snakes and moles
into their holes; monkeys folding
their gay presence into wraps of oblivion…

peace has become the elderly
that knows no comfort at the company
of their menacious grandchildren
when war and weaponry are their toys…

peace unto a world
wherein peace is a pariah
for which nobels are sought –

there is a price for peace being paid
on fields of pieces:
sins, ruins, ravages, savages…

peace be unto thee;
not the peace preyed in the prayerful
tongues of terrorists who abuse
the sacredness of monotheism…

pulling blames unto the supreme being
for the nuisances of extremism
constituted by slaughters and shots;
bruises borne by bombs.

peace has been bought
peace has been sold…
peace has been traded for the pieces
of war and its aftermath…

peace: a dove that has flown away
from our barren lands!
peace be unto thee…

O’real ©2017.


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