Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 23, 2017





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Something that became possible,
Revives the spirit in me,
Feelings and emotions being cherished,
Being unexpectedly fulfilled,
Recurring dreams and visions,
Startled me by their presence in flesh and blood,
I have always trusted my instincts and intuitions,
Though it left me amazed,
When l saw my imagination,
Standing in front of me as reality,
Ready to shake and break my identity,
Changing my perspective of seeing life,
Letting me taste freedom,
And when my spirits become wayward and boundless,
Urging me to maintain my normality,
When l wake up from the sleep,
My dreams look into my face,
Making me feel l woke up into reality,
Hope l am not making a fool of myself,
Cause if the visions are gone l would have to face the reality,
Right now I seriously need that dose of positivity,
To diffuse the negativity infused in me,
None dares or scares me except my imaginations and dreams, so surreal,
And the desire to make them a reality,
A painful possibility,
I let my words sing my woes with me,
My way to fool the reality,
Though, It is millions of miles away – the reality,
It makes me loose connection with my personality,
I know that you are my reality as well as my fantasy,
We both living in different realities, bounded by fantasies,
l mostly live in my fantasy, shutting my world of reality,
Flipping between both the worlds, l dodge mortality,
Even life is rapt, to see me retreating and getting back to life,
Waves of hopes lifting and pushing me down unexpectedly,
When I loose my heart and soul to the truth, l feel shattered,
When my fantasies break away through the walls of reality, l feel ecstatic,
This is my way of dealing with the cold reality,
Every day is a battle as l surf between sanity and insanity,
hope and despair,
Fantasy and reality.


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