Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 23, 2017

THE TILLER~by Sanjib Das




When sun is engulfed in all consuming past horizon
Melting into vastness of ocean
Shadows of shepherds homebound
Start falling on wall of thoughts
Forgotten and trapped in timeless time and wilderness of greed
Some hope emerges, some type of shadow
Peeps into me, to bless of bliss
From that nearby temple, whatever travels
Enters ears and reminds of grandfather
Pulling me out of deep slumber on lazy bed to meditate and worship
But, now, this moment, queer feelings press hard
Some thoughts of detachment from this mundane world prevail
Whether God dwells in temple and its bells
Or in chants of worship team
I wonder if every man sends praises in a trance
My eyes stray far and wide
Till the sight of that wrinkled faced tiller with a withered body
Yet strong and stout in spirit, busy with his blessed plough to pierce through hard ground
His sweet singing together with toiling sweat
Capture my entire existence with heavenly warmth and his love for the nation.
All ® Rights Reserved : Sanjib Das


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