Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 24, 2017

Cowboys and Indians~by rldubour



Cowboys and Indians

Image result for kids playing Cowboys and Indians in woods

Our favorite past time when we were young, was to play war games.

We would split up into groups and pick some famous names.

Like Daniel Boone, Davy Crockett, Sitting Bull or Cochise.

Our group went into the woods, a hiding place to see.

The others would stay behind to count and weren’t supposed to peek.

We had five minutes to go and hide then they would try and find.

With our tomahawks with rubber heads and bows made out of twine.

With war paint on our faces and feathers on our heads.

They thought that they could capture us, we ambushed them instead!

We could see them coming, right in plan view.

The team of cowboys were out smarted, they would always lose.

And if they captured one of us, they had to bring us back to jail.

And then we had to see him free, we never paid no bail.

One of us would sneak into town and tag and set him free.

When they came back we were gone, they never saw us leave.

We had our camp deep in the woods and they did never find.

It’s fun to think about those games, when we were young in time.


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