Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 24, 2017

UNLIKE THE OTHERS~by Balachandran Nair




A butterfly came fluttering
Ascended, sat on a red rose
It looked deep inside the rose,
Smiled, turned back, flew away.
A rainbow was forming in sky
Rain expecting, it reached cloud
It looked deep inside the cloud,
Smiled, leaving silver lining, spread.
Mountain snow melted, flew down
Forming a river, reached sea
It looked deep inside the sea,
Smiled, spread in shore, drowned.
A pure drop of tear filled the eye
Rolled down the cheek, then chin
It looked deep inside while passing heart
Smiled, slowed, rested on the lap!
The butterfly, rainbow, snow and tear
Did not descended without a reason
As they dared to look deep into,
Into the core of heart of its subject,
They saw someone inseparable,
Installed there, inspired in inducement.
Yes, just like I myself prevail
Adored, worshiped in your heart
Even though YOU pretend, fail,
Not to know nothing of that kind,
I know you are unlike the others!



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