Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 25, 2017

darkness presence~by Ayoola Goodness Olanrewaju



darkness presence

there are nights in all of us. close your
eyes. what do you see?

do you see the loneliness left in
the brags of light creep back
seventy times stronger? do you see your lover’s body
moan the skin of another man? do you see
the hurt garb in subtle flames singeing your skin? do you see
the fear come in pigments undefined and
the moment of bliss ruined by the time bomb
your father has become?

do you see the smiles you hang in
the teeth of daylight friends lurk in jeers in
the mouths of groping fiends? you will be
surprised the president is one of them.

do you find yourself again buried into bottles
of bear—of beer—bare? and when you cuff your name in
twines of whispers—you remember the doctor’s words
in white graffito. your aids gave you AIDS. do you see
the casket dance at your funeral? or just you. cadaver and an
epitaph of gone too soon?

do you see the hunger coming tomorrow? the boy that
died yesterday is calling you—you are
saying no—his face is a memoirs of obituaries. do you see the laughter
of your mother wreak wicked creditors cussing
in tongues unknown? do you see your
age dance in front of you or your descent into the arms
of a dead dream and let us pray? do you see your wife in
thousand wrappers and furious legs of your village people?

you shut your eyes and find questions set loose
on your tongue. why evening is the painting within?
why your eyes are filmstrips of negatives looking for the sun of God?

you close again—a darkness presence. shadows are
learning let there be light from a doused sunlight. a boy rises
in your throat. holding a decoy light.

Ayoola Goodness ©2017


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