Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 25, 2017

THE HOOD, GOOD.~by Balachandran Nair




Serpents poisonous roaming, for blood
In the name of God’s own religion, hungry
So many innocents strolling, for food
On the streets, even in Gods’ Own Country*!
Mutt politicians make common man fool
Call even decent, learned gentlemen nuts
Khadi clad, still they sharpen serrate tongue
To bite Law of Land, smile to common man.
Forests destroyed to plant aerocrafts
Rightful inheritors recess, beasts, birds die
Billions the powerful pocket, little spare,
To proclaim, celebrate a Nature’s Day!
High risers built to suit the few riches
Extracting tax, interest of poor in their clutches
Playing, flirting, drunk in late night parties
Rash drive posh cars, kill sleepers of pavements.
While it spread hood seldom serpent bite
For its food and on frightened only it strike
But the human, the more he is more wisdom,
Inject venom smiling, left, right, all sides!
Hood need to be a crown one wear
Manhood to protect womanhood, parenthood
Womanhood to chasten who question sanctity of chastity
Whole human-hood to respect, protect Mother Planet!

* Kerala, India.



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