Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 26, 2017

Fallen she or we?~by Nandita Samanta



Fallen she or we?

There was such inexpressible sorrow
In her laughter…in her words hollow
That sounded like a hundred violins’ mourning
The golden dress was hiding a thunderous sea roaring
As passerby had heard those noises hundred times before
Thought they were the sound of angels…
Those tinkling anklets and the bangles
For the first time I entered her mure
An Inquisitive me, drawn by the seductive allure
Knowing not, that was no heaven…
Perhaps,by the destiny driven
I saw those eyes , my eyes were blurry
Covered in layers of my own tears, could barely see
Now to me in my mind things were clear
Moans travelled through the muck in the air
Amplified ! distorted cry of her nightmare
It mocked …knocked over and over again
In her moans were no pleasure but pain!
And there I was, and there she was! once again
After years, two childhood friends
Her eyes cutting open my self worth ,
I was meandering convoluted back and forth
Her voice wasn’t music anymore
In a loop of repetitive empty chorale
My heart drummed in my core.
My friend valued more than diamonds, worth more…
Circumstances had turned her into a whore
My breaths were hot and searing
I felt a scorching sandstorm stirring
Her smirky smile, her piercing eyes anointed me
As they embrace the sinner of human frailty
My eyes burned…they were scarlet
She smiled …pretended to be my harlot
Burning bronze, scourge and scoured
Humiliated me…my every pore
I was shuddering from within
Was that the release, of my mortal flesh… my human sin?


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