Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 26, 2017

NATURE~by Sanjib Das




I am so much blessed to be invited
To the whole existence of Nature
Where the mountains with their crowns of snow glare
Enchanting as ever when the mountain god
Spreads the divine rod to measure the expanse of mother earth
This Nature carries the richness
Richness of pearls, diamonds and minerals many
Radiant jewels enticing wherever they glow
In Queen’s Crown or around necks of any god
My mind, pawing the masses of snow sings
Minerals under earth crust or above
Offerings of marigolds, fruits or nectar
Nature stands tall
When I gaze and feel a tiny beholder and a devotee with all humilities
Looking at the blessed path that drags me to the desert
Or to swamp land or to rarest mists
They all capture mind, when hills are blotted
Lake in park where swans swim
As if they majestically and silently move into ageless kingdom of beauties
Sky shakes and gifts us desired rains
Even the deserts are blessed with moist drips
Prayers of Saints fall into the eagerly waiting hungry souls
When Rainbow creates joy beyond words
Nature with it’s countless splendor invites
To breathe and feel the blissful existence of my rejoicing life.

All ® Rights Reserved: Sanjib Das

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