Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 26, 2017

Recessed fingerholds~by Payal Sunandan



Recessed fingerholds

Redemptive stories of countless trials
by a new born child with grotesque
elliptical shadows chemically treated with
gurgles of water under green trees and
low shrubberies.

Series of distant morbidities,
longest demonstrations of a wildly
successful mother,
I remember those fingerholds
taken captive by awfully shy and
inadvertent vulnerability.

Return to them as footnotes visited
and directed toward texts self-incriminating.

Stillness of time struck by moonlighting,
her teachings greater than any proximity,
never leave someone’s favour unrequited,
neither hide any sin mistakenly committed
from those who might not reverse it but
cure it with generous dose of sympathies.

I stage this poem as reverence to a lady,
her years of forgiveness,
shattering punishments,
showered kindness
and all this celestial decadence.

I continue to argue in an ample room
with harsh unfriendliness,
it is a mother who has gone right or wrong,
wherever her child may belong.

“To my mother who turned an year older today.”


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