Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 26, 2017

Tears from Blood~by Patrick Kevin O’Shea

Recently I heard of a family that have just lost their beloved son aged 14 years old .Without warning he just colapsed and died . I write this poem that highlights this sad loss to all the loved ones left behind . Especially the mother who has to stay strong for her family .



Tears from Blood

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Teardrops flows and drops from cheek
Tears from blood , that flow so deep

Pain with sorrow , ignites this flow
From deep inside they ebb and flow

Tears of blood , from heart that leaves
For child of love , that no longer breathes

A mothers bond , so strong unique
For child that’s born , for life bequeath

Cut down at cost , his youthful prop
This silent sythe , crept up to crop

Why did he leave , his live so lost
His life so young , cut down at such cost

His mother’s pain , her Broken heart
Please come back , please do not depart

She stands so strong , for family show
As she sheds her tears that flood and flow

That maternal bond , of love so unique
For her child she bore , for ever will keep

Teardrop to floor from woeful cheek
This mothers pain , that bleeds so deep

Poetry by

Copyright Written by Patrick Kevin O’Shea


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