Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 26, 2017





Reaching out for your hand when l stumble,
As l tread through the path of life , l often stumble and let my heart mumble,
l try to walk away from the thoughts that cause my heart to tremble,
The tears in my eyes swell but they seldom fall down and stumble,
The journey so far had been so hard, cold and made me tumble,
I hope to make through the darkest of nights and not let my world crumble,
l made through life’s up and down, sometimes proud sometimes humble,
At times Doubting his existence or his blessings, l know when l loose faith l fumble,
Thinking that he wont understand ,beg him not to bring any more trouble,
I was so tired and disappointed with what my heart had to mumble and mumble ,
Upside down and inside out the spirit of mine in a rumble,
I wish to pace back and regain my strength and belief as l pass through this jungle,
Of thoughts which constantly causes me to trip and stumble,
I know you let me stumble , l doubted you but you had been humble,
You let me test my strength through the trials and tribulations , l am not weak or feeble,
Though my flesh and blood did stumble but my soul refused to crumble,
I see hopes of lights shimmering at the end of the dark tunnel,
I now see a new day peeping out of the old and it seems to end – the struggle,
I know you will be still there to hold me if l still fall or stumble,
We continue to move into each other and someday we will be single, not double.



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