Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 27, 2017

The Gardener’s Mighty Palms~by Sanjib Das



The Gardener’s Mighty Palms

The Green Gardener plans the vegetable garden
Best environment created everywhere, full of greens
Food produced all through the World with a lot of care, pains and sweating
Earth within has its own vastness, spreading human faithful dews
My wife left world in April summer
But the Gardener never ceases to spread joy to all
But, alas! Cruelty of violence has silenced the symphony
Of pleasing Nature, filled with greeneries
All schools of thoughts and beliefs discarded
The Green Gardener bitterly sheds painful tears
Why are we so quiet and miserably callous but only to parrot
Asking the same question over and over again
Without any positive feelings and fruitful actions
In the flickering dark, Earth with grievous wounds writhes in agony
Who has caused this heartless massacre
Where is that Green-eyed Monster
Call those guards of garden, bring them to the powerful
Footstool of The Great White Throne
The Judgement Seat will pronounce decree
Bring the so called guardians of law
Protecting those city guards who have miserably failed to protect the bounteous
Pleasing and ever selflessly sacrificing gracious Nature
Let all harsh treatments of guards be taken to task
But the cursed cruelty start melting in blessed vastness
Of the Gardener’s mighty palms…

All ® Rights Reserved: Sanjib Das


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