Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 28, 2017

Daily missive for Friday the 28th of April.~by Peter Forster



Daily missive for Friday the 28th of April.

When do I go
Nothing will prepare me
For the journey
No matter what I do
Just sitting produces inertia.
Head nodding,
Sleep inducing comatose days
Are anathema
Long nights stretch as far and wide
As the nearest star
And that one is already dead.
Bring me the head
Of the scribe
Who best resembles me
And lay him to rest.
A simple answer
To one who knows best
The easy way to live
Is to die a little bit at a time.
He should know by now
Even when and how
There are no substitutes
In this reality
Games are for chancers
Not for thinkers
Or cold coffee drinkers
When is the beginning
I missed it
In search of the end.
Travel on
Shuffle the cards
Find the lady
She is more than
A good friend of mine.
Lead with her
She is a good dancer
I would love
To move to her music
One more time
There is no crime in believing.
The timing of endings
Is such a cruel misgiving
A perfect deceit
With no guarantee or receipt
No coupon or redemption
To set you free.
When do I go
And when will I know
With no preparation.


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