Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 28, 2017

Sometimes it’s those we love~by Joseph Harshberger



Sometimes it’s those we love

Sometimes it’s those we love that have a knife that cuts the deepest, when things are going your way; they catch you at your weakest.

I want to love them no matter how far they plunge it, whether it’s the first time; or the hundreth.

Family is forever; yes I would agree, unless they want to drag you to hell; well they can go there without me.

All the suffering I’ve had too endure; all from sharing biology, all the doctors visits; a life of abnormal psychology.

If blood is truly thicker than water, than why does it get so bad; you question committing manslaughter.

I know I didn’t choose them; that wasn’t my choice to make, but sometimes I yell at God; and demand that he corrects his mistake.

Hour Drive Poetry©


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