Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 29, 2017

Love On River Bank~by Sanjib Das



Love On River Bank

This is another evening that settles down
Deep within, valley river flows
Burnt-out ends of filthy day haunts
River still gurgles… purr…purr…purr
When neck cranes to search for solace
Mossed-stone on bank stares and mocks at
A boy giggles funnily at love-play
Gnawed mind furiously tries to relive love
Oh love ! Where hast thou vanished
Walking along the bank of river’s marshy lands
Seeking bliss to happily dwell
But nothing happens, only failures scare
Grimy scraps no one sweeps
All filth around stinks within
Till you walk into the corner of the dingy room
As if dawn impatiently descends
The stretch of your loving arms holds tight
And the blushing Sparrow flies from that forbidden sight.

All Rights ® Reserved : Sanjib Das


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