Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 29, 2017

R.M.V.~by rldubour




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Is there a place, where no one wants to be?

I can think of one, they call it the R.M.V.

As you stand in line waiting for someone to see.

Finally it’s your turn and they are nasty as can be.

I think they take lessons from private entities.

That teach them to be unpleasant to everyone they see.

What better way to spend your time.

At the R.M.V. in an endless line.

A line for this and a line for that.

Pick the wrong one they send you right back.

Only then you will see their face in a smile

As they send you away to that line that’s a mile.

Then again why should they change their ways.

We have nothing better to do when we spend our days.

This is what they think as they grumble and groan.

Maybe we should take their place and let them stay home!

This is their job to serve the public, I wonder if they know?

Without us they don’t get paid, this is how it goes.

When you have business give yourself some time.

Be prepared for anything, while you stand in line.

Make sure your paperwork is filled exactly right.

This is what their waiting for, don’t think they sleep at night.

To make you wait hours just to hear them say.

“You did this wrong, do it right, come back another day!”

Most feel the same where no one wants to be.

It’s one of life’s necessities we call the R.M.V.

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