Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 30, 2017

A Stonehearted World~by Hela Tekali



A Stonehearted World

Why has man become in a possession of a heart so cold?

Even a stone can crack, gush out water streaming like a waterfall so fluid, so fertile

Away from being a tough, unbreakable gold…

Why has man become a sinner?

Practising wicked “Witchcraft” transgressing the consent of Almighty God

Why has man become so pitiless?

Watching destitute, poor, wretched, beggars, slaves, needy, unfortunate people

Everywhere with merciless eyes so bold…

Why has such a universe become for materialistic, trivial matters the first to hurry and hold?

For Spiritual Wisdom, DIVINE KNOWLEDGE the last to keep untold…

Why have such human love, compassion, tenderness, become a story of our ancestors and the old?

Are we in a world where emotional, sensitive, touching feelings are meant to be buried in
Grief and reluctant to be foretold ?

How can such a universe be gold hearted eager to be indecisive, wavering to cross the

Written by Jenayah Hela


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