Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 30, 2017

” BE A BEACON OF PEACE ” # 171~by Michael Patton




Didn’t you go to kindergarten and learn your ABC’s ?
Well it looks like you never got farther in your philosophies.
Why the heck you playing dead from this stark reality?
As you strain your neck to bury your head from life’s atrocities.

I tried my best to wake you but you were never quite asleep.
But how was I to know you were playing hide and go seek?
Hiding behind your God façade simply praying for peace.
While the rest of us have shovels cause the shits getting deep.

I hope your God forgives you cause I certainly can’t.
Be a hero not a zero cause we got enough of them.
If your not doing nothing for the peace of mankind.
Than to me your less than human and a waste of my time.

There are seven billion ears out there that I’m trying to reach.
Without sounding condescending or like I’m practicing a speech.
So if you just need guidance then I’m willing to teach.
But if you need convincing then I’m out of your league.

The clock is ticking and the lines have been drawn.
It’s peace versus war from this moment on.
War’s winning now cause they have all the weapons.
But peace will prevail if we all are relentless.
Don’t stop now cause we’re building momentum.
Can you feel it now like a change in the weather.
A break in the storm clouds as we’re banding together.
Reaching new heights as birds of a feather.
Flocking and talking like peace pushing peddlers.
The world needs your voice now more than ever.
So give it your all in this noble endeavor.
What greater legacy can you leave for your life?
Than to leave a better world for the next generation in line.
Your voice is so needed to bring change to these things.
The world needs more Gandhi’s, John Lennon’s and Martin Luther Kings.

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© 2017


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