Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 30, 2017

MY NOBLE FOES ~by Bipul Kalita




I’ll never worship
slaves of dark angels
practitioners of black magic
for sucking innocent bloods

My land worships
rocks named after heavenly figures
not demons rich in might and rights
that molests women and commoners
to fulfill their ill desires and for comforts

Better bow before a holy stone
than to show respect to an inhumane soul
than to vow before a human exploiter to go
against the common mass to please his honor

Wise foes can enrich you
if they are placed properly
but friendly fools find ways
only to please your honesty
only to please your modesty
for getting your favor freely
even at the cost of the base
you are faithfully standing.

I’ll never worship dark angels
in the name of faith
will always be ready to raise
will always be ready to praise
noble foes that can point out
my unheeded common mistakes.

copyright reserved@bipul kalita


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