Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 30, 2017

Who are we to judge~by Joseph Harshberger



Who are we to judge

Who are we to judge what is a sin or not, when did we become so powerful – that we tell God what is what.

Who should condemn another for an action out of love, when we find a partner we only need approval from above.

Souls finding one another traveling through time and space, all to arrive at this moment in time – just to find their place.

Love isn’t a choice it’s an action we accept, when you find that special person – it’s a promise that is kept.

Sexual orientation is a topic full of hate, when we see the love of two – it’s peace we should demonstrate.

Whether you believe in God or a form of spiritual birth, there is nothing in this universe – that puts you before another on this Earth.

I have prayed for many weeks about the LGBT, I say if you can find love in this chaos – you will find no opposition from me.

We are all just sinners we have no place to judge, so think about this message – next time you decide to hold a grudge.

“Souls Have No Gender”
Hour Drive Poetry©


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