Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 1, 2017

Human interaction~by Joseph Harshberger



Human interaction

Human interaction as simple as a spoken word, yet still we still fear it – as though the whole thing sounds absurd.

A strangers no longer a stranger once you share names, that is how it all gets started and a relationship begins to frame.

How will we ever have the time to meet anyone new, unless we ourselves make the time and that exchange begins with you.

I live my life sharing love moment by moment, provoking laughter, smiles, and giving warm hugs – those are my life components.

Making new friends is the way to heal this broken world, it will start a fire so intense that love will lose control.

Do yourself a favor and go and meet someone new, then do it again tomorrow and share the experiences you’ve been through.

“Love Thy Neighbor”
Hour Drive Poetry©


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