Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 1, 2017

MAYDAY PRAYER~by Bipul Kalita




Work culture
feeds carpet growers
invites all around decorators
to beautify the comfort of the royals

Ye the lords
control my honest labor
of body heart and mind
of solely dedicated kind
to grow more and more

Let me grow my dreams too
for each morrow that follows a night
for each sorrow that sacrifices happiness
only to warm up your cold blooded thoughts
only to sum up lifespan of mine to expand yours

Let me
be a human, not a robot
be a owner of heart and mind
though they may remain unpolished
though they may not cope with the body

I seek and find peace in works
that help me make my children smile
that brings me fuel to burn for pure light

Let me spare a little time
to wipe sweats that chest fountains
to protect the forehead from unruly shine
so that lucks can peep through it to find a place

copyright reserved by Bipul Kalita
01/05/2016, Assam, India


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