Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 1, 2017

PENWOMAN~by Nandita Samanta




I write words…words surreal…that heal my hurt heart
Know not if it’s poetry or experience pouring out of a gut
Lexicon, a witness or solace that stands by me in oddities,
None, but a broken heart understands the veracity
Of the innumerable morphemes and phonemes that play in me,
And how crippling the silence of unrequited love can be!
Under the veil of good and evil, pain and pleasure-
Love and Life share more than the first letter,
Both a barter, sell your soul for worse or better
I can’t embrace death, nor can I denounce faith
Hallucinate …the repeat of Romeo and Juliet…Macbeth.
Though my cold absent eyes bear a vacant look
My benumbed cold breath, can’t freeze the tagmemic brook
I hide in myself when blank memories haunt, enter my purlieu
I Ordain…away I shoo , with a syntax or metaphor two
In my backyards the verses I really never knew
Flow as rivulets, flowing out of me and…through.
For years together, my fort I hastened to secure
The more I struggled, more vulnerable was I than before
In times crevices fell…each word that I borrowed
And now I stand in tatters, time’s hemline torn
Exposing my flesh, bone and the marrow,
Yet every time I labour, a new line is born.

©®Nandita Samanta.



  1. wonderful writing!

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