Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 1, 2017

The Happy Ending~by Sanjib Das



The Happy Ending

Like that child’s rubber ball
Rolling down hills and mountains
To swallow earth, trees and livestock
Life descends resulting birth
Like Uma of Kumarasambhavam
(As narrated by genius poet, ever enchanting Kalidasa, the great)
Embraced and gifted before her wedding with precious ornaments
Life blesses birth
Both days and nights echo dreams
And, at times, sadness forces to close eyes
And yet, at times, desires spread wings to fly in vastness of sky
But …when leprous palms of cruelty in time
Presents gifts of grief
Perhaps life too shuts eyes
Darkness takes away
All joy, shadow of miseries engulfs
And then the Black Magician grins
Life refuses to budge in defeat yet
Rising from unfortunate fall in all corruptions
Rapes and plunders, tyranny and tortures
To laugh aloud again in victory with eyes wide open.

All Rights ® Reserved by : Sanjib Das


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