Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 1, 2017

Why What For Inside Looking Out~by Patrick Kevin O’Shea



Why What For Inside Looking Out

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My life has gone and passed me by
I try to figure out before I die
My home the place where I was born
Inside a house , with bairns so forlorn
Within a few days my mother had gone
Left me there , never again to see her son
Cast aside my father couldn’t cope
To different homes , from pillar to post
I couldn’t fit in , withdrawn and so thin
Inside my own world , nobody could get in
At a young age , I ran away from home alone
To fend for myself , the streets became my home
A solitary life , I turned to drugs and drink
To take away the pain , as my mind began to sink
Cast aside by fellow loners, because of who I am
Inside my own world , I built up this mental dam
I look through my eyes , inside looking out
This mental torture , my mind filled with doubt
As I sit inside this doorway , my soul screams and shouts
Why am I here , what is this lonly life about
Always outside , always ever looking in forlorn
All through my life , never accepted since I was born
Never had love , never found love , what is love I sigh
As I sit here , in this doorway , as life passes by
My lonly life has gone , and passed me by I cry
I try to figure this out , why what for , before I die

Poetry by
Copyright Written by Patrick Kevin O’Shea



  1. Those words from your posting, “My life has passed me by”, awakened in me a lament that has plagued me for years…. time. Today I turn and look back down my life’s road and see many wondrous adventures, but when I turn and look forward I only see the ever brightening light at the end of my road and I also ask why….. Why did I not stop and revel in those once in a lifetime moments

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