Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 2, 2017

The Girl And The Beast~by Neil Perry



The Girl And The Beast

She was bright and beautiful
Hair as soft as silk,
She was wise and wonderful
Skin as white as milk,

She was kind to animals
Kind to strangers too,
Lived her life in humbleness
Peace was all she knew,

Never allowed bitterness
To eat her life away,
She was always thankful
And to her God would pray;

Then a day of evil came
And took her innocence,
Crushing all that she had been
To fill with empyness,

Her life now broken – pined away
Sinking in despair,
Where was God who loved her so,
Did anybody care:

She decided that was it
No one seemed to care,
Because she felt so bad inside
Her pain grew hard to bear,

She found a piece of ope one day
And tied it to a tree,
The pain inside was crushing –
She wanted to be free,

But just upon that moment
With rope around her neck,
She heard a strabnge commotion
And turned her head to check,

It was an old ass braying
That moved up close to her,
As if the beast was praying
It looked up sad to her,

She looked and saw upon its back
Deep lashes cruelly dealt,
This was too much for her to bear
For pity’s what she felt;

Free from the rope around her neck
She knelt by the poor beast
And prayed that God would help it,
For now she felt the least

Concern for her own suffering,
But prayed and prayed again,
And place the rope around its neck
And led it down the lane,

And took it to her cottage
And bathed its wounded back,
And gave the beast her comfort
So nothing it would lack,

And this she did both day and night
Until its wounds did heal,
Its then she noticed on its back
A sight that made her reel,

It was a mark upon its fur
A mark she had not noticed,
A little cross upon its back
In which her saviour died,

She looked again, and looked again –
And heaven gave her release,
As overwhelmed warm tears she cried
She felt such love and peace

And looked upon that poor old ass
That neighed, as if in pleasure;
The moral to this little tale
Is, that we must help each other


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