Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 3, 2017

$80.00 Pizza~by rldubour



$80.00 Pizza

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I will try not to be to hard on him and will not say his name.

But, $80.00 for a pizza? He should be ashamed!

We were all there visiting and the day was pretty nice.

We all went to the Zoo and Gardens for less than half that price!

We sat around the table inside the patio

As all resolved to get a pizza he spoke up and said I’ll go.

Each couple put in twenty bucks with exception of the host.

He ran and got the pizza and claimed he put in the most.

The odd thing was no one knew what or if each gave.

But, he did, and kept the change not a nice way to behave!

No one really thought much of this especially at the time.

Until we all got home to sit and just unwind.

Some think that’s pretty awful, I think it’s pretty funny.

How a twenty dollar pizza could cost us all that money!

Now I ask this question, “Has he done this thing before?”

Collect from everybody before he runs out to the store!

The one good thing that came from this for years we’ll talk about

That $80.00 pizza! The night we all ate at his house.


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