Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 3, 2017

Beautiful sunrise ~by Joseph Harshberger



Beautiful sunrise

Beautiful sunrise oh how your colors bleed, so spiritual when I look at you – how my soul feels freed.

Every spectrum of the rainbow on one canvas above, sometimes I feel as though it was painted just for me – all out of love.

Where blue meets red and purple touches orange, the heavens glow like embers bursting in a forge.

The sun magnifies the radiance of so much beauty, I just like to pretend . . . that its all been done for me.

The passion in the vibrance of each and every ray of light, it’s almost if the sun explodes and swallows up the night.

The way that shadows flee in your majestic presence, the relationship you have with the moon and how it submits in obedience.

“Morning Comes”
Hour Drive Poetry©


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