Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 3, 2017

Daily missive for Wednesday the 3rd of May.~ A bedtime story.~by Peter Forster



Daily missive for Wednesday the 3rd of May.
A bedtime story.

Open dread
Snuggled in a hot bed
Of stinging nettles
A forest of
Blackthorn and bramble
Snagging dampened spirits
Where lightning strikes
Oaken hearts
With broken fingers
Standing bleached in the sun
Burned cinders
Crunching underfoot.
Cold rain rattling
Battened window panes
Brings little comfort
To sun dried
Feet scorched
By the hot breath
Of shadows
Staring from behind
Old stories
Over read as children
Running out of reason
To proceed.
When tear drops fall
Warnings are washed
Into corners
Turned over
By page markers
Blind to the words
Of old songs
Crooned by sleepy
Eyed crows
Watching over
New broods
Tending their nests
Content to wait
For an upturn.
When fortune favours
True bloods
And wise owls
Sheltering from half light
Streaming through the
Twisted mouth
Of a broken door
Keeping their silence
True innocents
Remain under exposed
To the darkest
Elements of a fairy tale.
How did they learn
To outwit the devil
When he always
Seems to take
A hold on me.


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