Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 3, 2017

merely Man:~by Mohammed Michael Harfoush



merely Man:

I care too much and let my feelings show.
I can’t remain this way; that much I know.
My ego gets the best of me sometimes,
And won’t let me pass up a chance to shine.

I shake my head at others for their sins,
Yet never consider my own actions.
I judge contemporaries as if I
Have qualifications to, but the truth
Is I don’t have a right, reason, or clue
To say or think the awful things I do.

I’m flawed and far from perfect, I’ll admit.
I’ve thrown my fair share of tantrums and fits.
I’ve driven some I loved away, for sure.
I’ve longed to have back friendships that I’ve torched.
I’ve lost direction, time and time again.
I don’t know whether I’m broken or bent.

Perhaps I’ll soon discover what I am;
Until then, I suppose I’m merely Man.

© 2017 Mohammed Michael Harfoush


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