Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 3, 2017

the sun is waiting for you~by Ayoola Goodness Olanrewaju



the sun is waiting for you

you throw your dreams into the winds
in thousand whispers. you fall. you lend your
spirit to the storm. a thunder lashes at your spine. you
wail. a lie is telling you it is a way

to make history.

i walk your breath. it stinks. your heart
is a morgue of failed sails and songs running into
your lungs.

the street stand at your pity:
they know each time a star dies into your
mouth: they know when you paint yourself
into a gallery of gall. tomorrow. they are
going to get tired. tomorrow. they know what
to say at your funeral. they will knock mockery into your coffin
and beg the mason to write: you never saw the light—

and after the dust. they will dance and eat your meat.

you don’t know the ship wreck. is
not the end. or how will you know
your wings?

why dim the brightness mother told your eyes
at birth? rise.

run is a language of legs. teach
yours. and run. into repetitions.pick your
dreams. piece by piece.

fly. above the thunder.

raise the storm. the sun is waiting for you.

Ayoola Goodness ©2017


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