Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 4, 2017

Painting sunlight with eloquence~by Payal Sunandan



Painting sunlight with eloquence

It pains my senses to
see robust peasants
feebly sleeping in the
lap of languid sun,
lay distort famished
phantoms of wealth,
gliding akin to spirits
of air, in whom hopes
gain strength.

Noon intermission
feeding upon the brilliance
of seeds’ farewells,
young sprouts choked to
premature vestige of
astringent death.

Fuller tang of garlic croutons,
honey-scripted blushful carrots,
phrased with their own colours,
textures and angles,
trample on the hippocrene wood
gone astray its every virtue.

I wish to paint this blithe sunlight in
cowardice of masons and labourers
who leave the world unseen abiding
by the hemlock-drunk truths of nature.


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