Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 4, 2017

Solar systems~by Hela Tekali



Solar systems

As the system of the sun..
We.. you and me.
Careful ltw’ rouhana
Filled the wisdom of God
Our love story
When the moon is located in the threads of the magic of the sun.
Did you see..
Those Black holes in the sky?
Do it
Under the sight that could swim after
You and I and the other in the universe, everything is melting.
Shake off the rays of the naughty sunburn.
Clean our brescia
If Jupiter and Venus days meet
Facebook provide them with Apollo and Minerva at our feet two alpha
You come to your ears space rhythms
Follow Glam X-axis to the flow systems we have letters
As the system of the sun we.. you and me.
Our lives are saturated with the wisdom of God.
The planets swim all we did
Awe before its beauty shine

Spiritual poetry


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