Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 5, 2017

Don’t waste?~by Hana Shishiny



Don’t waste?
Image may contain: flower, plant, nature and outdoor

Don’t waste?
No matter how far you run. Rose in my soul the sump back
You’re in my days.. Spring seasons
And you’re warmth and a miss.
Seasons in the frost
How can you waste…

You a flower, banana since I don’t see her until the clouds
And you.. you’re the color of their free will and the love of a mirage
You old story… no matter how far you getting closer.
You a trip longing in my dreams.
And you are my treasure and the secret of invincible
How waste

Hey Prince of heart
… what do I care alp ada
You’re the floor in my poems
And you’re in b houry islands
And you are my ships and bridges
You crafts
I draw with my days and months
You line… His plans for yourself.
I butterfly trifling
Hug you between the lines.
How waste

You you leave in mu name birds
You with the warmth of spring.. Beautiful
You in a heart beat
And Connor between eye and hdạb a
You lose…

by Hana Shishiny
MAY 2017



  1. Una de las cosas por las que siempre me he destacado es por escribir sobre cosas que estoy poniendo en practica o ya he puesto en practica con algun tipo de reotuuadss.Iglalmente si entiendo que hice algun tipo de experimento fallido, o ha pasado tiempo y las cosas ya no funcionan asi, no borro el articulo, hago una nota aclaratoria para que puedan beneficiarse de entender los cambios, el por que funciono o no funciono.Asi que esto que he escrito, es por que en estos momentos es lo que mejores resultados me ha dado.Exito!

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