Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 5, 2017

LOVE …NO RETREAT~by Shalini Singh




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l seem to stand at a place from where life looks difficult,
I know no miracle can happen to change the situation,
My emotions taking me to a place where they wanted me to go,
There are things inside the heart that are simply beyond our understanding,
I look at him, he knows l am looking for an explanation,
At times there is no conversation, its just love and its no destitution,
Silently we cross the bridge of words that seems to crumble any time,
I continue to follow and pursue the path my guide shows – the silence within,
I try and survive in the imaginary world that is entirely my own creation,
My thoughts, my words are somewhere becoming my motivation,
The heart continues to beat , the joys felt are not ready to retreat,
It is because of them that my life begins to beat once again,
Love sometimes may be enveloped in the dark clouds of mistrust,
Winds of trust and courage make the dark clouds retreat and love outshines,
I know sometimes the days are going to be more darker and stay for a while,
I wont allow my heart, soul and eyes to believe in the darkness that hovers,
I wont surrender l would redeem love and l
Would fight for my belief,
I would fall asleep and follow my dreams,
I know there is no escape from the struggle l am facing,
I know if l retreat now my heart and soul would never be at peace,
Though It is the struggle within and out that makes me feel l am alive,
The battle continues and the mysteries snd secrets of life get unfolded,
I wish to flow like a river only stopping where it is necessary,
Like my mind that seems to be never be at rest,
Words in my mind seem startled so they flutter and fly,
I sit down and write, words calling me to stay and l feel its time to meet them,
I feel the sweet scent of love and l whisper my pleas of love.




  1. Beautiful written. ❤️

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