Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 5, 2017

O soul of love~by Haraeen Hussain



O soul of love

O soul of love
Stay away from the spells and influences
Of sweet tongues
White-headed and soft spoken sweethearts
Who are different in their words and actions
They will cherish you with the magic of false gratitude
To persuade your gentle soul to get trapped
They hide knives under the flowers they offer
They present chocolate coated poisons
They create err and discrimination
They conquer the heart then tear it into pieces
It’s better you master your own senses
Get enlighten by the light of self-esteem and consciousness
Then you can choose the right and wrong
Self-attachment is better than a selfish man’s connection
Who plays with your heart considering you a toy
O soul of man
Stay away from the repercussions of sour hearts
They don’t have words of love
Rather they break hearts with their tartish words
They don’t sing the songs of peace
They are full of rage, anxieties and selfishness
Their hearts are stoned and you are soft
Your heart is human heart
Full of compassion and devotion
You can easily lean forth to hear others
But you are unaware the sharpness of swords
Cruel souls destroys the dignity by words
They are unaware of people’s emotions and feelings
They have lost the sweetness of their souls
They are worse than the beasts
Who break a human heart
O human soul you can’t be slaughtered by others
Keep your gratitude, identify your wisdom and maintain your self-respect ….

Haraeen Hussain


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