Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 5, 2017

Show everyone you love them ~by Joseph Harshberger



Show everyone you love them

Show everyone you love them – never knowing which day will be their last, take time to tell them daily . . . before that time has passed.

Death is not something we ever want to accept – although we know we should, if we focus on the positive of their life – and remember all the good.

I know it will take time to look past all this hurt and pain . . . that is immeasurably bad, but with enough faith and hope – I will feel your love and remember all the joy we had.

The time we shared together . . . all the love brought into my life, I still remember the look on your face . . . when I asked you if you’d ever consider being my wife.

The life you had was beautiful and the light you brought with you, the darkness seemed to roll away each time . . . clearing a path for you to go through.

The love you had for God, your husband, children, and your fellow man, well in my heart of hearts no one in this world – was a better example of living out Christ’s plan.

“Forever My Angel”
Hour Drive Poetry©

March 15th 1986 – May 5th 2017

I will never let you go forgotten . . . I always said you could make a rock smile by overwhelming it with love 😇


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