Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 6, 2017

5/5 – finals week~by Kira’s Hymn



5/5 – finals week

i pushed it off
as far as it goes
so now i face the edge
boundaries overthrown
the crumbling
i feel it underneath
the boiling
of my anxiety
i feel it, all consuming
eating at my brain and tendons
paralyzing all thought, numbing motivational presence
for the past two weeks
whenever i gathered myself to fight
all i am withers
weakness, tortured and contrite
all i can see are the things i can’t do
i’m afraid of the truth
that i don’t have enough time left
that i’m going to lose
and that i put myself here
because i am an undisciplined fool
so help me God
i’m nothing without You
i am going to fail
i’m completely screwed
but if i have to go through this fire
and fall off this cliff
catch me
ignite me
re-birth me into something more
someone worth more
someone who follows through

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