Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 6, 2017

MY WOES MY BLISS~by Shalini Singh




There is nothing more heart breaking then to see the one you love in pain,
You know the woe and you know that life is far to go,
My songs about these woes are not able to keep up the pace with my desires,
I feel stuck at a point from where l seem to crawl, but l don’t feel going any further,
I seem to have conquered my woe when l compare it with yours,
I see you riding through all the sorrow and getting triumph over yours,
I need to hold back my tears that continue to swell in my eyes,
I wish they hastily fade as they appear, the dark clouds that speak of our woe,
I don’t wish to stain your free and bounty spirit with my tears,
I know l am already tired and weary with my own woe,
I simply don’t wish you to bear the weight of my pain, l love you so,
I see you laying the plan of life in front of us, you toss it to and fro,
You show me the signs of life reappearing, you offer to work upon the woes together,
How you brushed away the feeling of despair l did not even know,
Our woes not a result of our sins nor seem to be God’s infliction,
You teach the heart to get rid of the agony which burns red as scarlet,
I wish to see our woes getting crumbled up and mingle with the dust beneath,
This depth of woe somewhere leading us to that everlasting truth,
The soul getting enlightened till it gets as white and pure as snow,
A sense of whiteness in my soul and my heart getting that brightest glow,
Some softer and pure hearts that deal with the same woe come together,
I see how they stood the blow of life and that moment my own woes seems worthless at all,
Those who feel this way will surely let the woes forgo,
My hopes with wings soars high leaving all my woes behind,
That calm and content state, only my soul seems to know,
All the hearts in woe seem to flow in the tide
Of the words l write,
All the pain and woe is forgotten for a moment and hope replies positively,
The woes strangely becoming the source of all the bliss.




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