Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 7, 2017

Busy Lizzy~by Sudeshna Mukherjee

On Dr. Santosh Bakaya‘s prompt- Lizard 😊



Busy Lizzy

Once there was a Lizzy
Who would always be busy
My companion for the night
Who would never slight
Hugging the smooth walls
While I would question
What if she falls
Initially it would make me uneasy
When Lizzy went into a tizzy
While I dived to grapple
with many confusing economic laws
Lizzy moved in for the kill when insects she saw
Close by to my lamp light
Load shedding brought about my quaking plight
Her beady eyes would well assess
Her quick movements resulted in success
Well rounded she soon became
A coveted Prima Donna spread her fame
Soon two of her suitors would come to woo
Wouldn’t leave her side hearing my feeble ‘boo’
Choicest miniscule insects were on offer
Filling up Lizzy ‘s belly’s coffer
The suitors would try to out do each other
Our queen would not even deign it fit to bother
All these nocturnal affairs I would watch and observe
For future reference (like now 😄) much like my preserve
One day Lizzy lost her bearings
At breakfast she landed on my head with much Daring
A strange Scream loudly emanated
Opening neighbours windows as the echo reverberated
Sheepishly I realised it came from me
I felt quite effronted you see
She seemed more scared than me
Hid somewhere unfathomable so I let her be
As everyone rushed to my aid
‘Her tail ! Her tail ‘ I said
Her body less tail throbbed and danced
For sometime lifeless perchance
All was quiet on The Walls Front
Poor Lizzy must have faced the brunt
Two days of hiding she was back with tail less swagger
Looking fixedly at me with drawn daggers
She looked ridiculous without her tail
Much like a bridal dress without a train
Soon enough her tail began to grow
Heavily pregnant she darted to and fro
So our saga continued for days on end
Truce was called relations were on the mend
She often came close enough for me to see
Her translucent supple pale skin glowing with glee
After a few weeks of monotonous routine
I climbed up the loft to fetch a long forgotten tureen
It’s lid was ajar dust covered
There were two paper-thin broken eggshells that I discovered
It augured well for Lizzy’s family
As I cast it off in the bin gingerly
I left the Prima Donna to her own device
Without hatred malice or any other vice .
Copyright Sudeshna Mukherjee


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