Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 7, 2017

Sometimes~by Hela Tekali




It’s too scary
For me to hold the pen
And let my ink spill
Words of pain etched
With blooded ecstasy.
For I know
It’s hard to interpret the pain
I feel inside
So I ‘d rather hide it from all eyes.
But who’s going to hear
My silent cry when my
Soul is intentionally buried
And my voice is kept mute deep within my throat.
Sometimes things are left unsaid
Nor even the ink of my pen is able to spill them
So I keep those invisible tears in my eyes
And invite you to see the misery I live in
So could you smear the pages of my belated agony
While reading my miserable story with eyes of rage
Sing the sad song of love
With your passion
And read to me the agony
Of your lyrics
Your empathy will make
Me rebuild myself stronger than before and reinforce my foundation of faith .
Sometimes I feel I could raise myself from falling harshly into the ground.

Jenayah hela


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