Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 7, 2017

Songs of the Ocean~by Dr.Kalpana Mallick



Songs of the Ocean

Image may contain: ocean, sky, outdoor, nature and water

Oh Ocean !
Fathomless Ocean
I always come and lie
On your sandy beach
Through my perception
Wish to feel the warmth of
Never ending freedom
Inhale the salty breeze
With my beloved one
Listen the sounds of the
Thundering waves
Absorb the clarity and serenity
Of the blues
Watch the dance of the gull
with a lots of fun

Deep inside my heart,
soul and imagination
I realise a prolonged calmness
Holds the wind of the life
From my heart to horizon
A beautiful song of passionate eloquence
Pangs inside me on and on
Opens the door of happiness and relaxation
By beautifying the sense organs
Like touch,taste,smell and sound perception
What a sweet music
The serene beauty of the Ocean
Detains me in meditation
and towards
The divine light of liberation
and emancipate me
And make me sleep calm..

Copy right @Kalpana


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